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18 October 2010 @ 05:04 pm
500 words about our future? The Future We Deserve  
In case you haven't heard about The Future We Deserve yet, here it is - and there's still a request out for submissions of 500 words (max 800 words). (There are already plenty of submissions to produce the book, but more thoughtful contributions are welcomed.)

6 days left!

The Future We Deserve
is a new book project about collaboratively creating the future we deserve. We will be working together at internet scale on internet time to brainstorm and barnstorm our way towards an image of a world we all believe in, a world of fairness, collaboration and living within a harmonious balance with nature. The book is open to all contributions — essays about technology, politics, working examples of better ways and fantastic ideas which just need to get done.

The print edition will be created together, as we collaborate to select and coordinate what goes into the final book. We'll use open licenses and crowdfunding to lower the barriers to collaboration, and do our level best to make the book the start of a ongoing journey together into the future we are shaping with our lives.

This is creating The Future We Deserve. 

- from The Future We Deserve - a curated collaborative collection of 100 essays about the future