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14 September 2010 @ 02:00 pm
Linux is getting shinier and shinier  
Linux in general is getting much better - looking more and more like a real contender in the marketplace against Windows and OS-X. That's just for usability - it's already way ahead on security (who needs anti-virus software? I don't), generally lighter in resource use (so you don't need a computer upgrade), completely free, gives much, much more freedom in how you use it, and

I'm using a Debian-based system now (CrunchBang Statler, still in alpha - easier to set up than super-geeky Debian) and it's light, fast, much lower in power usage (judging by my CPU temperature). 1 GB RAM feels like heaps - even with my bad browsing habits (many, many tabs) lots of programs open, and a second browser open for a different email account, I'm around 650 MB.

Improvements in software help. I'm using Firefox 4 Beta - it's also very good, & stable. And there's now a good lightweight HTML editor, with GUI, called GWrite (I keep drafts and boilerplate there for anything I write in HTML).

Though I'm not an Ubuntu fan, I hear Ubuntu's also getting better, and faster. This is all good news.

I recommend having a Linux geek on hand if you install it, but I know people who've managed by themselves.

Btw, there are a couple of ICT for development projects coming soon... for now, do you have anything to add to Information and Communication Technologies for Development, both the article and the category?
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